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Call to Peer Action! They want your old laptops and tablets

May 5, 2020

Although almost all of Peer Action’s services have been temporarily suspended, it is very much continuing as an organisation to work towards making life easier for people living with HIV.

While the use of video conferencing has made communication for many people easier this is not true for everyone. Difficulties can arise due to the lack of a suitable device or an issue of trust and some people are unable to join the technological changes. This can further the isolation of lockdown by denying people access to the services they rely on and some are unable to access a doctor as all appointments are currently taking place via Zoom and similar electronic platforms.

To help ease the isolation, Peer Action is launching an appeal. Do you have an unused or unwanted tablet, or maybe even a laptop, that you no longer use? Would you be willing to donate it to Peer Action so it can pass it on to people living with HIV who do not currently have access to video services?

If so, please contact Peer Action via its Facebook page or website and it will be in touch to work out a way to get the device from you and pass on to someone who really needs it.

Ideally, the device will have been cleared of all personal data and reset to factory settings and come with a power cord. It must be able to use WiFi. At present Peer Action is not looking for old smartphones – tablets and laptops please.

Please have a think and a look round to see what you did with your old device last time you upgraded to a better model.

You would be helping someone establish contact with their friends and peers in these difficult times.

For more info, visit their website: