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BUSINESS PROFILE: Brighton’s gay man with a van is back!

Besi Besemar October 25, 2017

If you have not moved home in the Brighton area over the last few years, then you probably won’t have noticed that he’s been away.

Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson

The combination of the panic that comes from turning 40, along with an opportunity presenting itself to explore a different way of life, meant bye-bye England and hello Norway for Shaun Johnson who for many years ran his company Man with a Van in Brighton offering a bespoke removal service to the LGBT community.

Shaun says several years of living in a different culture and certainly a different climate has been a fantastic life experience for him but, is the grass greener on the other side?

He says: “No, in fact there is a distinct shortage of grass. Trees, rock and fjords are in abundance, snow can be plentiful, but beautiful green rolling countryside is in short supply.”

He found dealing with a proper winter was easier than expected. The properties have decent insulation and underfloor heating. The car had an engine pre-heater, which was handy when the temperatures were down to –20c. The air was dry and the snow was fluffy. Weather is no surprise; therefore, the nation is geared up to cope with it. Winter tyres are law and snow ploughs are everywhere, there is no excuse for not getting to work. On a bad day, public transport can be up to a couple of minutes late!

Norwegians are well paid, enjoy a solid welfare system, and overall, have a relatively high material standard of life. However, he found the quality and choice of food in the supermarket was dreadful, and the cost of alcohol, criminal.

After several years of adventure, making new friends and even quitting smoking, the great food and stunning countryside of Sussex beckoned and Shaun has returned to his roots.

Feeling refreshed and energised, is now open again for business and getting down to some decent hard work with removals in Brighton once again.

He says: “Give us a call, after all, we have been established since 1999.”

To contact the Man with a Van telephone 07754 669457