Brighton student creates ‘Gender Blending’ jewellery

Besi Besemar May 23, 2013

WEB.600Hannah Silverstein, a 3D design and craft student at Brighton University, will be exhibiting her ‘gender blending’ jewellery at this year’s Brighton University Graduate Degree Show at the Grand Parade Campus in May and June.

Hannah, who has previously exhibited work at the Trans Scrutiny Panel, has created a collection of jewellery to challenge the gender binary, which is created by using machine parts and tools. Thick hard steel has been blackened to imitate the traits of contemporary masculine jewellery, juxtaposed against decorative and delicate silver elements to illustrate the merging of both male and female aesthetics.


Hannah said:

“Gender is something which originates in and directly affects everyone. I and many others are coming to understand that gender is not so black and white, but more of a spectrum…

“I wanted to create a collection of jewellery which illustrates this belief by physically blending the polar opposites of gender display, juxtaposing the feminine against the masculine to create a somewhat androgynous outcome. Ultimately I hope by having the pieces worn around the neck they will catch the eye, provoke conversations and consequently create more of a public understanding of gender identity.”


Event: Gender Blending  Jewellery Exhibition

Where: Brighton University, Grand Parade Campus

When: Friday, May 31 – Wednesday, June 12

Cost: Free entry

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