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Brighton Pride: Calabash brings diversity to Preston Park

Besi Besemar May 10, 2014

Brighton Pride is the sum of all its glorious parts and none is more fabulous or popular each year than the Calabash area.


Calabash returns once more in 2014 to celebrate Freedom to live at The World’s a Disco extravaganza on Preston Park.

Affy Go Bang one of the organisers of Calabash, said: “As the theme The World’s a Disco, 2014 will see us going all out disco. Expect huge mirror balls, glittery people and the whole gamut of disco classics.

Affy Go Bang
Affy Go Bang

“The theme is perfect for us. We already have a disco bent so we are not changing a popular formula, but there will be some big surprises this year. So excited but we won’t tell yet.

“Pride is very important to Calabash. We have had a presence on the park for 11 years now. We were originally the People of Colour tent, when we were literally a ‘tent’ and we have come a long way to our big top. Apart from maintaining a presence on the park its important for us to remind people that the LGBT community is very diverse and comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, and we are definitely part of the community. We are about inclusion not exclusion. Showing that this year is particular important as there is a need to show solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world, as living and loving the person of their choice is not a protected right and can be punishable by death. For us Pride 2014 will have more political significance.

“The Calabash tent is important to me because it is unlike any other area on the park as we try to keep the music policy as diverse as we can. We have had live drummers, belly dancers 100 piece samba bands, big drag opera singers, it is very eclectic and anything goes. That’s why I love Calabash because it is so unique. But more importantly the Calabash crew are a very close. Some of us have been working with each other for 10 years and we it is very much a family affair, one that gets bigger each year.”

What: Pride Brighton & Hove 2014: Freedom To Live

Where: Pride Festival Preston Park, Brighton

When: Saturday, August 2

Time: 12 noon – 10pm

Cost: £9 /£12.50 Early Bird tickets are sold out. Discounted £15 advance (first release) until end of May. Then £17.50 in June /£20 in July and more on the day.

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