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Brighton Ourstory Project to close

Besi Besemar April 27, 2013


Brighton Ourstory Project

Brighton Ourstory is a registered charity and was set up to collect and preserve our lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB)  history. Their long term aim was to establish an archive in its own premises. We are a registered charity.

Sadly the people who run the organisation have decided to call it a day and have put the following statement on their website.

“It’s over…

“We are sad to announce that, after twenty-four years of searching out and telling the stories of Brighton’s LGB  communities and individuals, Brighton Ourstory is unable to continue in this work.

“Just too tired to go on, we hope we have sown the seeds of interest for those who come after – there is plenty yet to do – and we made a bit of history ourselves.

“We would like to thank all those, too numerous to mention individually here, who have supported Ourstory’s work and to apologise to those whom we have been unable to help over the last year, whilst this painful conclusion has been emerging.

“We are currently making arrangements to re-home the items deposited in our archive. We hope to produce a last newsletter and will be writing to all our Friends individually soon. It seems likely that the website will continue, so carry on clicking.”


To view the Brighton Ourstory website, CLICK HERE: