Brighton MPs Support ME

Besi Besemar July 15, 2018

Local MP’s lobby for more funding for ME or Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Brighton Pavilion MP, Caroline Lucas, who is a Patron to the Sussex ME Society have both written to Department of Health ministers pressing for further funding to be made available for services and research into ME or Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Following a recent Parliamentary debate on the illness the MPs are asking for more funding to expand the existing NHS specialist ME/CFS services including the busy Sussex service that continues to receive around 40 new GP referrals per month.

The MPs are also calling for more money to be put into researching the debilitating illness that affects nearly 5,000 people across the county including a good number of LGBT+ folk.

Colin Barton
Colin Barton

Colin Barton from the Sussex ME Society said:  “The Parliamentary debate highlighted the desperate need to further develop NHS services and encourage more research into to this potentially life ruining illness”