New Crime Panel members announced

Besi Besemar August 26, 2012

The PCP will hold the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) due to be elected in November to account on behalf of the public.

Cllr Ben Duncan from the Greens and Cllr Warren Morgan from Labour and Cooperative will be the city council’s two representatives on the panel, with Cllr Matt Follett and Cllr Alan Robins as their substitutes should they be unable to attend any Panel meetings.

The powers and responsibilities of the PCP include:

• Reviewing and making recommendations on the draft Police and Crime Plan

• Considering and potentially vetoing the Police & Crime Commissioner’s appointment of the Chief Constable

• Overseeing complaints against the PCC


Cllr Ben Duncan

Councillor Ben Duncan said:

“The changes being made to the police are enormous, and will have a significant impact on policing decisions in Sussex. With the transfer of decision-making from a cross-Sussex representative group of members, to one individual, there’s concern that policing needs like those of Brighton & Hove might be missed.

“This is where the role of the Panel Members becomes crucial in scrutinising decisions and pushing for effective and accountable neighbourhood policing for the city. I look forward to making the case for Brighton & Hove along with the other panel member from the city.”

Cllr Warren Morgan

Cllr Warren Morgan said:

“I want to give local people a voice and make sure the Commissioner delivers safer streets; and effective, accountable and visible policing in every community and neighbourhood. As a former member of HQ staff, I want to make sure the Commissioner recognizes the importance of high quality support for our police officers, and that budget cuts should not mean an ever increasing reliance on private security companies.”

An election will be held across Sussex to appoint a Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex in November 2012.

For more information about the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner election view:
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