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Brighton & Hove to benefit from new weight management programmes

Besi Besemar January 15, 2018

A new approach to helping people in the city maintain a healthy weight will launch in April.

Following a robust tendering process, Brighton & Hove City Council has signed a three-year community weight management contract with BeeZee Bodies.

BeeZee Bodies runs a wide range of programmes tailor-made both for individuals and families to help people make small changes to their lives, that make a big difference. Their holistic approach emphasises an understanding of the links between diet, exercise and physical and mental health.

Their Gutless programme, for example, is specifically aimed at men. It’s about achieving health and weight loss goals on your own terms. There’s plenty of expert advice and data available, but no nagging, public weigh-ins or being told what to do.

BeeZee Bodies encourages all men attending to be as engaged in the Gutless programme as possible.

To read one fathers story as he encourage all men attending to feel more comfortable about getting involved and understand how the programme can also be of benefit to them, click here:

Their families programme goes beyond offering help and support with lifestyle changes. You can also get advice on how to speak to your children about going along to family sessions. Families assessed as being at particularly high risk of having health problems due to weight issues receive targeted support.

Cllr Dan Yates
Cllr Dan Yates

The chair of the city’s health and wellbeing board, Councillor Dan Yates, said: “Overweight and obesity can lead to increased risk of chronic illness and early death from a range of health conditions.

“Lifestyle risk factors, such as poor diet and lack of physical activity, operating together explain a massive 40% of all ill-health in England.

“So our work in helping people to manage their weight is vital. BeeZee Bodies have an excellent track record, and I’m very excited about the programmes they offer.

“The panel awarding the contract included a senior representative of the local NHS and a patient representative as well as council public health and procurement specialists.

“They took into account a wide range of factors, including projected weight management outcomes, costs per participant / family, and social value. BeeZee Bodies scored most highly at all stages of the process.

“The city’s Food Partnership and their partners Albion in the Community have done a lot of great work with us on weight management in recent years. We value the Partnership very highly, and we look forward to continuing the excellent work we do jointly with them on a broad range of issues.

“These include food poverty, food growing, community cookery, older people’s health, volunteering, food waste and the city-wide food strategy.”