Brighton & Hove councillors expected to appoint British Bangladeshi Mohammed Asaduzzaman as city’s new Mayor

Graham Robson May 16, 2024

Brighton & Hove councillors are expected to appoint British Bangladeshi Mohammed Asaduzzaman as the city’s new Mayor today, Thursday, May 16.

If agreed at this year’s Annual Council meeting, Councillor Asaduzzaman, who has lived in Brighton for 30 years, will become the first South Asian Muslim councillor to be elected to the Mayoral role. The Mayor will be supporting several charities during his Mayoral year. For the second year in a row, sadly none of our city’s LGBTQ+ or HIV charities were chosen.

Brighton & Hove City Council leader Bella Sankey said: “The appointment of Councillor Mohammed Asaduzzaman as Mayor at the Annual Council stands out as a pivotal moment.

“His journey from Bangladesh to Brighton exemplifies a life dedicated to public service and community betterment.

“With three decades of residency in Brighton, he has woven himself into the very fabric of the community.

“As Councillor Asaduzzaman assumes the role of Mayor, Brighton & Hove can look forward to a Mayor whose compassion has already left an mark on the city’s social, cultural, economic and political landscape.”