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Brighton entrepreneur seeks support for online community

Alice Blezard April 3, 2015

 Claire CulleyEntrepreneur Claire Culley launched The W Review in November last year, and it has since been featured in the local and national press, building a great team of contributors along the way.

THE theme for this year’s International Women’s Day was ‘Make Things Happen’, and that is precisely what Claire is aiming to do.

 The W Review provides an online platform that aims to give guidance, support and encouragement to women of all ages. The modern age that we live in can sometimes leave everyone needing a little bit of reassurance or guidance. The W Review was set up to be that portal.

Providing a positive and honest community, The W Review aims to offer support, insight and advice to the modern woman. With articles on everything from business to relationships, parenting to mental health – the community is open, honest and easy to join.

Far from being anti-male, the community currently has three regular male contributors. The W Review is not about excluding men, it’s about focussing on women and providing a positive, supportive space in which to discuss the issues that affect them.

Claire has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, to raise funds to support her venture and further the progress of this new community. The money raised through the campaign will be going towards paying contributors, as well as building a jobs board, and a new server.

The payment of contributors at such an early stage is a bold move, but supporting the talents of the writers is something that is extremely important to Claire, having written for a number of publications for free over the years. A portion of the money that is raised will also be used towards expanding the services offered by the community, through the organisation of events and workshops.

Claire is the driving force behind this community, and currently works 18 hour days in order to run her businesses whilst developing The W Review. Single-handedly building the website, she also runs the social media campaigns, writes 60% of the content and is responsible for the PR, accountancy and general running of the business.

Now she is looking for support via the Kickstarter campaign – with pledges from just £2 up to £5,000, the campaign offers a range of rewards available in return for your support.

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