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Brighton and Hove to become a ‘Sharing City’

Besi Besemar November 21, 2018

The launch of Brighton and Hove Sharing City takes place on Tuesday, November 27 2018 at the Latest Music Bar.

CREATED by social enterprise, The People Who Share, and supported locally by Brighton and Hove Circular, this initiative aims to help build a more caring, inclusive, smart city, ready to face the challenges of the future.

Brighton and Hove will join with over 80 cities around the world – including Amsterdam, Seoul, San Francisco and most recently, Norwich and Leeds in the UK, who are adopting the Sharing City concept.

Based on the idea that our most pressing challenges including wealth, inequality, social isolation and climate resilience have the potential to be offset by the efficient and equitable sharing of vital resources with each other, the Sharing City movement is gaining momentum.

Benita Matofska
Benita Matofska

Benita Matofska, founder of The People Who Share, said: “The Brighton and Hove Sharing City launch, will bring people together across our wonderful city to discover, experience and celebrate the city’s sharing culture and help build a more caring, inclusive, sustainable, sharing economy. Sharing Cities are connected, smart cities, ready to take on the challenges of the future. Through sharing resources, we can achieve that.”

David Greenfield of Circular Brighton, added: “Circular Brighton and Hove (CB&H) are delighted to be part of Brighton and Hove Sharing City because we believe that sharing resources, be it people, food, clothing, goods or cars is key to building a circular economy in our city, creating social, environmental and economic value.”

Brighton and Hove Sharing City launch event promises a shared experience to remember with a host of inspiring talks, activities, networking and entertainment including: The Dulcetones community choir, singer-songwriter Rifka Ravena, spoken word by Gramski, skiffle band Shonky Tonk, a community sing-a-long led by Sarah Tohill, crowd comedy with Gerry Thompson, citizen innovation – a chance to have your say and co-create, Tech Takeback – bring your old gadgets and give them a new lease of life.

Share Table in support of Brighton Voices in Exile, Give and Get with Cat Fletcher from Freegle, Conversation Corner with Alice Reeves from BelongCon and a bring-and-share potluck feast.

BTN BikeShare: Photo by Brighton Pictures
BTN BikeShare: Photo by Brighton Pictures

There’ll be talks by Ian Davey and Mila Brazzi of BikeShareBTN, a sneak preview slideshow of Generation Share by visual storyteller Sophie Sheinwald, insights by David Greenfield from Circular Brighton and Hove, plus guest speaker, visitor and lifelong sharer, Tom Llewellyn from the USA’s, co-editor of Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.

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