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Brazilian trans sex worker killed by client

Rachel Badham September 12, 2020

Chiara Duarte was brutally murdered by a client.

Brazilian trans woman Chiara Duarte, 27, was found dead in São Paulo on Wednesday 2 September after being stabbed by a client. Jeferson Pereira, 18, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter after attacking Duarte when she requested payment for her services. After being attacked, Duarte’s body was thrown off of a 7th floor balcony.

A local news outlet reported Pereira refused payment after realising Duarte was transgender. Duarte lived and volunteered at Casa Florescer II, a shelter for trans people. Her brother Luan Duarte told Globo News ‘it was prejudice, it was a hate crime’.

Brazil is generally becoming more LGBTQ+ friendly, with same-sex relations and marriage being legal. However it is still considered the most dangerous country in the world for trans people, with Mexico following closely behind. The number of trans murders and suicides in the country has risen by 70% over the last year.