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Ben Firth smashes the 2.6 Challenge for MindOut

May 29, 2020

Ben Firth, a trustee for LGBTQ+ mental health charity MindOut, donned multiple wigs and crazy outfits this month to raise vital funds for the charity – standing at £1,500 at the time of writing – by undertaking a series of 26-minute strength classes (HIITs) over 26 days in fancy dress.

Here, he gives us a peek inside his diary, which documents the ups and downs of the 2.6 Challenge. To donate, visit Ben’s fundraising page:

Day one: MindOut pink. Launch day. Not sure what I have committed to! But the purpose is clear, LGBTQ+ mental health services need funds to bridge the fundraising gap.

Day two: Got a bit Netflix lockdown creative. Turns out Joe Exotic had been hiding in my fancy dress cupboard.

Day three: Put on the blue wig and asked the other half who I looked like. Sia! With sultry looks to match.

Day four: The daily HIIT was delivered by Boris Johnson… A bit different to the daily conference.

Day five: The wigs took a back seat and Fireman Sam came out, braces and all.

Day six: It’s blue steel! Or Magnum? Derek Zoolander proved that doing HIITs doesn’t make you really, really ridiculously good looking.

Day seven: Zorro whips me into shape and goes down well with some supporters!

Day eight: I was asked to be an air hostess and Green Hair Airways was born. I was grateful to find the nearest emergency exit…

Day nine: If you like my body and you think I’m…. Rod Stewart? Hmm, debatable.

Day ten: Pink hair, don’t care! A nod to MindOut and reset on the purpose of the challenge.

Day 11: This is the captain of your ship, calling. It was VE Day and the Bank Holiday Friday.

Day 12: The Hoff! And a slow-motion dive to celebrate Baywatch making it to lockdown London.

Day 13: Half-way! And £1,000 raised for MindOut. Only one thing for it, a cheerleader to say cheers for all the donations.

Day 14: Karma, karma, karma, come on and donate! A bit of Boy George to keep me going.

Day 15: My ‘longing for a festival look’ for everyone who will be doing virtual festivals and gigs this summer.

Day 16: A bit of Stupid Love to celebrate all things Lady Gaga and one of the soundtracks of the summer.

Day 17: A very busy day led to a quick fancy dress dash to the cupboard and Karate Kid being born from a bandana.

Day 18: The hippie in me came out to spread some love and have a bop.

Day 19: It’s Eurovision! Cheryl Baker and Frida make an appearance. And one of the best night’s lockdown TV happens through a tour of Eurovision history.

Day 20: IDAHOBIT. No costume, just me being me.

Day 21: Hulk Hogan comes out of retirement and wrestles this HIIT to the ground.

Day 22: Taking it old school, Mr Motivator adorns the fluro for some upbeat vibes.

Day 23: It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Sister Kindness gives a Sister Act number of a lifetime and spreads the message that kindness costs nothing.

Day 24: Feeling some NYC Police vibes and hip-hop to match.

Day 25: HIIT me baby one more time! See what I did there? Britney was HOT, the cardy was ditched hallway for fear of overheating.

Day 26: MindOut pink brings this home with a message to #MindOutForEachOther. And a massive thank you to everyone who donated!

Check out Ben’s fundraising page here:

You can also donate to MindOut here: