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Beard today! Gone tomorrow!

October 22, 2016

Doorman raises more than £3,000 for charity.

Carl centre raises more than £3,000 for C.M.T
Carl centre raises more than £3,000 for C.M.T

For those of you that don’t know Carl… he’s the jolly bouncer with the wonderful beard who guards the gates at Revenge and Subline. Well… he’s still wonderful but the beard is now gone!

GScene photographer Jack Lynn caught up with a very clean-shaven and barely recognisable Carl at ‘Shave the Day’ to find out more…

Carl said: “Lee Bone was a much-loved old school friend who had suffered from C.M.T. all his life. He sadly passed away on August 17 to everyone’s shock. A collection was taken at his funeral and a very impressive £600 was raised for C.M.T. United Kingdom, a national charity raising awareness for Charcot Marie Tooth disease, a genetic condition that damages peripheral nerves. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to donate at the time so decided to have a little fundraiser of my own by shaving off my 4-year-old beard!

“This soon escalated massively and before I knew it, Shave the Day had become a thing! Andrew Roberts kindly arranged for it all to take place at Bar Revenge and on October 16 out came the scissors!

“Alex Baker of Juice 107.2 did a great job hosting the night, and the actual beard trim was happily done by Chyrese Carpenter of Cove Hair. An amazing £618 was donated on the night of the shave, which, added to what I’d already raised through, making an unbelievable total of over £3000!”

Jack Lynn added: “I know well how CMT effects everyday life as I have the condition myself. Debilitating tiredness, aching legs… even uni nights out at Revenge cut short by exhaustion… no carriages at midnight like Cinderella, just wandering home early upset and tired… tissues please!”

Luckily I have the disease in quite a mild form and whilst it does affect daily life there are many CMT sufferers who have it much worse… so please donate to this wonderful cause.


To make a donation to Karl’s fundraising, click here:

…and maybe lend Carl a Winter scarf for his chinny, chin-chin!

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