Beacon supports ‘PrEP Now’ campaign

Gary Hart December 3, 2015

The Sussex Beacon are supporting the Needs PrEP Now Campaign.


Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is the new component in HIV prevention programmes and plays a key role in the preventing transmission of HIV.

PrEP is for HIV negative people and involves taking part of a treatment regimen using a drug called Truvada to stop them contracting HIV.

Truvada has been licensed and recommended for people at risk of HIV in the United States since July 2012 but it is still not available in Europe.

The European campaign has today sent a letter to Gilead Sciences calling for them to reduce the price of Truvada. The letter has been signed by a number of organisations across Europe and Russia.

Simon Dowe
Simon Dowe

Simon Dowe, Chief Executive at The Sussex Beacon, said:¬†“Ensuring that people have access to PrEP is essential to stopping the spread of HIV. Year on year we have seen an increase in the number of people living with HIV highlighting the need for effective prevention strategies. PrEP has been proven to be effective and must be funded in the UK and Europe and that is why I have added my signature to the letter.”

The PrEP Now Campaign calls on Gilead Sciences the company that makes the drug Truvada to reduce its price so that this vital medicine is available to people at risk of becoming infected with HIV in the UK and Europe.

PrEP provides near perfect protection when taken during periods of risk ‚Äď adding this to traditional prevention packages has had a dramatic impact on HIV rates in San Francisco.

Jason Warriner, Lead Nurse at The Sussex Beacon, added: “Signing the letter has contributed to the call to action highlighting that PrEP should be accessible to all those at risk of HIV. Research has shown that it is an effective method of¬†prevention.”


The Sussex Beacon is based in Brighton, is open 365 days a year and supports people living with HIV, responding to their changing needs and offering specialist care and support.

Brighton, has the highest proportion of people living with HIV outside of London. The charity helps people manage the everyday realities of living with this life-long condition that has no cure.

Inpatient and day services help people living with HIV related illnesses, initiating new drug therapies, or supporting those struggling with extreme side effects of HIV medication.

The Sussex Beacon supports people living with HIV to lead independent and healthy lives.

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