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BAR PERSON PROFILE: Michael David @Legends

Besi Besemar November 26, 2017

The first person many LGBT+ folk meet when they arrive in the city is the bar person at their local LGBT+ venue. These gatekeepers to the community provide an important role both befriending and signposting new arrivals to the city. Gscene finds out a bit more about them and what makes them special.

Where do you come from? Well I’m half English half Arabic so spent the early part of my life in Baghdad. Since then I’ve cruised round Manchester and Brighton.

What brought you to Brighton?  I heard Madonna lived here.

How long have your worked at Legends? On and off for 132 years now.

Oddest thing you’ve been asked behind the bar? Why is Madonna playing again. And that’s from my colleagues

What’s the worst kind of punter? Homophobic, indecisive, racist and those who don’t like Madonna are the worst punters.

What do you do when it’s quiet in the bar? Clean. If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean. I’m often found on my knees scrubbing. I find it very therapeutic.

Do you know the difference between Ale and Beer? Ale and beer, its to do with the fermenting process isn’t it? Have a lager it’s just easier.

Can you pull a pint?  Yes. Best in town. I mean Kemptown….maybe.

Do you prefer to be shaken or stirred? Stirred all the way babes.

Whats your favourite tipple? Champagne, followed by a few G&Ts with fever free tonic.

What makes you roll your eyes? Stupid people. And those who don’t like Madonna.

Are those really your photos on Grindr?  I’ve been with my Andy for years so not on it.

What makes a perfect barman/girl? Somebody friendly, proactive and hard-working.

Where do you like to go out when you’re not working? When I’m not propping up the bar at Legends it’s the other Kemptown Bars or the nice straight bars.

Tell us a secret about yourself. I’m straight.

Your Favourite Book? Anything based on a true story.

Your favourite artists? Madonna, Cher, George Michael, Whitney.. basically all the gay icons.

What’s your nickname behind the bar? Baaaaaaaabes.

What gets you swinging your hips? DJ Claire’s Disney treats on a Wednesday night at Legends. It’s a blast, everyone should come!