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Bar Boy profile: Sam Stephens @Charles Street

Besi Besemar April 9, 2017

The first person many LGBT+people meet when they first arrive in the city is the bar person at their local LGBT+ venue.

These Gatekeepers to the community provide an important role both befriending and signposting new arrivals. Over the coming months we will be finding out a little more about them and what makes them tick.

Where do you come from? Originally from a small fishing village in Cornwall, the Lizard Peninsula for your Cornish readers, but moved to Brighton from Somerset where I did my GCSEs and A Levels.

What brought you to Brighton? I moved here to study at Brighton University, geography and geology back in 2004 and fell in love with the City.

Oddest thing you’ve been asked for? Well, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been asked for wax, gel, hairspray and a comb and then people look at me and smile.

What’s the worst kind of punter? People who order Guinness last when ordering a round.

What do you do when it’s quiet in the bar? When it’s quiet? I do have a little bit of OCD so it would be organising something somewhere behind the bar.

Do you know the difference between Ale and Beer? Yes, ale tastes better than beer

Can you pull a pint? After twelve years of working in bars I’d like to think so, but always happy to learn a new trick or two.

Do you prefer to be shaken or stirred? Shaken as I like to do the stirring

Whats your favourite tipple? Cider, gin, tequila, normally in that order.

What makes you roll your eyes? Eye roll imojo

Are those really your photos on Grindr? Yes

What makes a perfect barman/girl? A team player, that’s got a sense of humour for when it gets busy behind the bar.

Where do you like to go out when you’re not working? The gym

So why it not working? Next!

Tell us a secret about yourself. It’s not all true what you’ve been told

What’s your nickname behind the bar? Samidge (sam midget you get the idea)