Banned at the Jubilee Library

Besi Besemar February 3, 2013


Hundreds of people turned up for the artistic launch of Vince Laws’ happeningĀ  I am a poem, at the Jubilee Library on Friday evening (February 1) at the start of LGBT History Month.

VInce Laws performs 'I am a poem'
VInce Laws performs ‘I am a poem’

The main event of the evening saw 76 people have their faces pained with the name of one of the 76 countries in the world where homosexuality remains illegal and where in some of those countries people are put to death for being homosexual.


The Hullabaloo Quire sang, there was a flash mob including singers form the Rainbow Chorus who danced to Tina Turner. Al Start sang a few numbers, Caspar, James and Will sang three calypsos, Vince performed his poems including Why Pride is Important, My Mental Helmet, My name is Vincent and the Hullabaloo Quire sang Vince’s setting ofĀ  I am a poem.


Barefoot Wine kindly sponsored the event providing everyone with refreshments. The Bear Patrol ‘s Adopt a Pansy table did very good business raising money for the Sussex Beacon and Lunch Positive sold fairy cakes to boost their funds. The event was made possible with a grant from The Arts Council.


An exhibition of Vince’s painting is featured at the main entrance of the Library and will remain there until Wednesday, February 13.

Peter Smith a local resident, said:

“I have never been to one of these events before. For one special evening the community came together and celebrated their past, present and future. For once I feel I belong.”