Are we there yet? A fringe meeting during the TUC Congress

Besi Besemar August 25, 2012

During the TUC conference next month there will be a fringe event entitled Are we there yet? to explore what is left to be done to achieve full LGBT equality.

The panel includes:

• Maria Exall, TUC General Council, Chair of the TUC LGBT Committee
• Elly Barnes, Schools Out!
• Deborah Gold, chief executive, GALOP
• Sue Stelfox, Prospect and TUC LGBT Committee
• Peter Purton, TUC LGBT and Disability policy officer

The meeting take place on September 10 in the Regent Room at the Grand Hotel, King’s Road, Brighton from 6pm-8pm. The meeting is open to the general public and will discuss what remains to be done to able LGBT people to achieve full equality.