Anne Lister birthday weekend – live streaming event

April 3, 2020

The celebrations for the anniversary of Anne Lister’s birthday (3rd April) has had to be cancelled, in line with the restrictions on large gatherings of people.

The organisers  had expected over 600 people coming to Halifax for the weekend, mostly American women Рbut that is not now possible Рhence the Zoom live-streaming, which will be seen in many countries across the globe.

Not just an event. Not just a tour or a talk. Anne Lister Birthday Weekend was to be a five-day event celebrating the fascinating history of Anne Lister and Ann Walker, brought to light through Sally Wainwright’s groundbreaking BBC/HBO series, Gentleman Jack.

You can still join on-line our world-wide community as we tour the places that formed these courageous women. Viewing the Halifax Minster–where Anne Lister was baptized and buried–to hear their history delivered by the women who brought them to light: Helena Whitbread, Jill Liddington, Sally Wainwright and Anne Choma. And for the fandom: enjoy the brilliant Amanda Walgrove. Join Shibden After Dark to celebrate your own life-changing experiences.

Gather with those whose stories mirror your own, and feel the power of being together, in this very special place, on this very special date.

Join us, and be transformed.

Speakers will include Sally Wainwright on Saturday and  Jill Liddington on Sunday.

🎩¬†Are you ready for #ALBW2020 Live?? We are bringing you many of the speakers planned for our birthday weekend for a fabulous livestream chat!¬†Starting with Helena Whitbread.

Find out more details or to follow the Facebook live stream here: