Anger at Nick Griffen interview

Besi Besemar November 1, 2012

Nick Griffin, MEP

Over 100 students and elected student representatives have signed an open letter to the editor of Leeds Student – an official student society of Leeds University Union – following the publication of an interview with Nick Griffin, leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP), on their website.

The letter calls for the interview to be removed from the site.

In the interview, Nick Griffin defends the fact that he has shared a platform with the Ku Klux Klan – a white supremacist organisation responsible for attacks on and lynching of Black people in the US.

In describing his views on gay people, Nick Griffin says:

“Gay people have complained for years that the rest of society hasn’t understood how they feel, and has had to make allowances, has to be tolerant. So why can’t you people simply get over it and tolerate the fact that a lot of heterosexual people – we don’t want to persecute you – but we find the sight of two men kissing creepy. That’s just a fact. What’s the problem?”.

He goes on to tell the interviewer that civil partnerships will mean that, “children will die over the next few years” because it undermines the institution of heterosexual marriage.

The BNP is a fascist organisation and Nick Griffin, their leader is a convicted Holocaust denier.

The BNP stands for the elimination of the democracy and all freedoms that the Leeds Student claims to support.

To read the open letter in full and sign it, view:
Open Letter