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Allsorts Youth Project launches new resource: ‘Allsorts of Visibility: Celebrating South Asian LGBT+ People’

Graham Robson April 25, 2022

Sussex-based LGBTQ+ youth charity, Allsorts Youth Project, has launched a brand-new resource, Celebrating South Asian LGBT+ People, which is part of a new series of resources, Allsorts of Visibility: Celebrating LGBT+ People of Colour.

One of the challenges many people may face when growing up as LGBTQ+ is that they are not presented with many or any positive LGBTQ+ role models in their immediate proximity, or in mainstream culture. Those with intersecting or mixed marginalised identities are often most misrepresented or non-existent in mainstream culture and this is particularly true for LGBTQ+ people of colour

When outlining the project, creator and lead curator of Allsorts of Visibility, Marquita, said: “To me, it’s about representation, visibility, positivity, empowerment and normalising our presence. Plus, showing diversity within PoC communities, because we are not a monolith.” 

Celebrating South Asian LGBT+ People is the second edition of Allsorts of Visibility, now available on Allsorts Youth Project’s website.

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