AD: Why it’s important for My Ladyboy Date to stay online

December 21, 2022

The West has never taken a liking to the term ladyboy. In fact, using the word ladyboy when referring to trans women in a place like the United States could get you slapped. So why does a popular niche dating site for trans women still use the term? And why should this website stay online?

There are three reasons why it’s important for My Ladyboy Date to stay online…

Trans women in Asia still prefer using the term

The term originated in Asia and though it is politically incorrect in the West, it is still acceptable in countries like the Philippines and Thailand. Some Filipino and Thai trans women still refer to themselves as ladyboys. Many are still comfortable using the term and following their request would be respectful.

The site provides a decent space for dating

Dating should be inclusive, and providing a decent platform for ladyboys to find serious relationships with trans-oriented men has always been the objective. For trans women in Asia who prefer the word ladyboy, this might be their only shot at finding love. So accessibility to the site is quite important to this particular demographic.

Maki Gingoyon, co-founder

Access to the site is a good learning opportunity

Accessing the site shows a page that has the definition, history, and the evolution of the term ladyboy. It gives those who visit the site a chance to learn about why the term ladyboy is falling out of fashion.

What has My Ladyboy done in response to possible criticism?

My Transsexual Date, the western counterpart of My Ladyboy Date, rebranded to what is now known as My Transgender Date. The term transsexual is still valid but, like the word ladyboy, it is slowly losing its popularity over the term transgender. Now, My Ladyboy Date has integrated with My Transgender Date and any users who create a new profile will be redirected to My Transgender Date.

Being inclusive is one of the site’s values among many others. Since the creation of the site in 2013, many single trans women and trans-oriented men have met and found love. The passionate people behind the site have proven time and again that trans love is real love. With their approach in spreading awareness and providing a safe space for trans dating, it’s not a surprise that My Transgender Date remains the number one dating site for trans women.