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300-metre zip wire attraction approved for Brighton Beach

Gary Hart October 15, 2016

A 300 metre-long zip wire attraction on Brighton beach where the much missed Brighton Wheel was located has been granted planning permission by the city council.


The planning committee gave permanent approval to the scheme at their meeting at Hove Town Hall on October 12, 2016.

The zip wire’s 22–metre high starting tower will occupy the site of the former Brighton Wheel, known as Dalton’s Bastion, about 100m east of the Palace Pier.

The attraction consists of two cables carrying thrill-seekers 300 metres to the east to a landing area shaped like the hull of a boat on the beach opposite Lower Rock Gardens and Atlingworth Street.

A café seating up to 140 people, with an open glass-fronted terrace, was also approved as part of the application.

Developers say the zip wire will attract around 32,000 visitors a year, based on a maximum of 24 riders an hour on the two cables and will be open from 10am until 11pm, all year round. However, weather is likely to restrict operations by 15 per cent.

The owners promise their investment will create just over 30 full-time jobs estimated to be worth £1.7.

Cllr Julie Cattell
Cllr Julie Cattell

Planning committee chair Cllr Julie Cattell, said: “This fits well with the council strategy to bring new life to the seafront, particularly to the section between the pier and the marina.  This should complement other businesses in the areas such as the pier and the Volks Railway, without affecting people’s enjoyment of the beach.”

Simon Kirby MP for Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven says he is pleased that planning permission has been granted for the attraction.

Simon Kirby MP
Simon Kirby MP

He said: “I was really saddened to lose the wheel. It was an iconic part of the Brighton seafront as well as being a major visitor attraction.”

“I am therefore pleased to hear that the planning application for the Zip has been granted. This has to be a good thing for tourism in the City and indeed for the seafront to the east of the Palace Pier which desperately needs revitalising.”  

“I understand that around 30 full-time jobs will be created. This is good news and I look forward to the Zip becoming another important icon on the Brighton Kemptown seafront.”