#WeStandTogether: Communities across Brighton & Hove stand together as One Voice after arrest of 18-year-old on extreme right-wing terrorism charges

July 11, 2023

Following the arrest of an 18-year-old male from Brighton & Hove on “extreme right-wing related terrorism charges” last week, Mahir Chowdhury, the Chair of the Racial Harassment Forum, said: “our communities in the city are saddened to learn that the young man is alleged to have conducted online research into one of our local synagogues.

“Sadly, the threat from terrorism and the threat to our Jewish communities from terrorism are both real.”

Mason Reynolds, 18, of Moulsecoomb Way, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, July 11. The charges against him are linked to an “extreme right-wing ideology”, counter-terrorism police say.

Among the charges are five counts of collecting information which could be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

Sabri Ben-Ameur from the Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum said, “We stand in solidarity with the Jewish communities in our city and will continue our great tradition of unity and respect for all in our city.

“We must challenge and stamp out all forms of hate crime including hate inspired by far-right Neo Nazi groups.”

The Brighton & Hove One Voice Partnership reaffirms that communities, council, and police stand together with our Jewish communities. Together they speak with one voice against extremist perspectives and terrorism in the UK and globally.

Revd. Dr Godfrey Kesari, Interfaith Adviser for the Diocese of Chichester stated: “We strongly condemn anti-Semitism that leads to actions such as these. Our thoughts and prayers are with our sisters and brothers at the Hebrew congregation and Jewish community at such a challenging time.

“We all stand together in our fight against hatred and violence and work together for peace, reconciliation and common good.”

The Sussex Jewish Representative Council said: “This is a stark reminder of the ongoing threat the Jewish community faces from those fomenting antisemitic views. These extremist views do not come from just one side of the political spectrum, and it is important to understand that hate speech, whatever its political root, can create a hostile environment in which antisemitism can flourish.

“We would encourage people to be mindful of their language and the way they put their views forward in public and on social media. The use of casual antisemitic tropes and rhetoric creates a fertile ground for those harbouring hatred and anti-Jewish racism. The small Jewish community of Brighton & Hove should feel safe to practice and demonstrate our faith without the threat of terrorism, violence, or hostility.”

Presently, the young man is in custody for online research into the Hove Hebrew congregation amongst other alleged terrorism offences.

Brighton & Hove Faith In Action said: “We must always guard against prejudice, intolerance and radicalisation ensuring all communities and individuals are safe in our city. We stand with the Jewish community together against antisemitism.”

B&H Interfaith Contact Group said: “We must look out and care for each other and ensure that individuals and communities are not singled out in our city.”

Billie Lewis and Meg Brosnan, managers of Brighton’s LGBTQ+ cultural and community centre, the Ledward Centre, said: “We stand firm that these threats and acts of violence, anti-Semitism, and hate must stop. We stand together to counter the threat from the extreme-right-wing and stand with our Jewish communities against all forms of racism and hate.”

Councillor Bella Sankey, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council,said: “We condemn antisemitism and hate in all its forms. I want to reassure the Jewish community and all those affected by this that we stand with you. The values of equality, justice and tolerance run through our city, and we reject any attempt to divide, threaten or commit acts of violence in our communities.”

Will Tuckley, Chief Executive Officer of the Council and the chair of the One Voice Partnership added: “The council together with the One Voice Partnership will work to promote our city values of respect for all, fairness, equality, and diversity. We will promote dialogue and provide the support network to prevent our young and old alike to fall foul to such hateful and extremist ideas. Places of worship serve important role for our communities and faith communities should not have to worry about being targeted for who they are.”

Sussex Police and Brighton & Hove City Council ask our residents and communities to remain aware and to report any suspicious behaviour or activity immediately by calling 999 in an emergency or the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321

You can also report suspicious activity using the online form on

For further information and support, go to the Safe in the City website or

If you have been a victim of a hate incident, you can:

You can also report hate incidents to Sussex Police or call them on 101 if it’s not an emergency.