We are really doing it! By

Graham Robson June 30, 2022

We are really doing it! By

It is all happening! We have been to several Prides already and Glastonbury was simply amazing. The Jubilee was a real UK event and a great many parties have been had. We are really doing it. Living life, the way it should be. It has been a while, but we are simply loving life at the moment. We are out there doing the real thing, time to put that gay dildo back in the drawer for a more occasional use, LOL!

Best is yet to come!

One of the biggest events of our gay calendar has not even happened yet. Brighton Pride is not far off, and we cannot wait! Christina Aguilera is doing her thing and we love a bit of Ella Henderson. And some of us will for sure shake our thing in our favourite pair of Addicted underwear to Todrick Hall, yeah baby.

These are just some of the main acts. The whole weekend is going to be massive with all sorts of amazing events. It is like an LGBTQ+ Glastonbury. Oh, did I mention that Paloma Faith will be rocking the stage on the Sunday! I can tell you one thing for free. I am not looking forward to the Monday after. That Monday I will mainly be hiding behind my screen all day secretly TikTok-ing.

Are you ready for it?

How are you feeling about all this? To be honest I have been a little bit anxious about this massive increase in socialising. I used to just throw on some clothes, grab a bottle of popper UK and off I went. These days I feel different. I keep asking myself what the cause is, but I need much more time to get ready.

I think some of it might have to do with the fact many are making so much more of an effort looking fabulous that I feel I need to do the same. People are dressing more fluid, colourful and in line with how they identify, I am loving all that. Another reason could be that I am getting a bit older now, but I am putting that thought straight where it belongs, in the bin. Let’s just say that I will always identify as young.

Prepare for action

We wouldn’t be a proper gay sex shop if we did not part a few pearls of wisdom regarding the adult undertone you often find on these events. Especially if you are single or in a relation that caters for it, flirting and trying to hook up with someone can be an exciting element during these gatherings.


To make sure you are ready to play we recommend you bring some goodies with you. You can bring some small travel bottles or sachets of lube that easily fit in your pocket alongside your condoms. Maybe some performance enhancers like Gold Max Pills might come in handy.

If you are planning to go the whole way an anal douche will put your mind at rest as well. Lastly we would recommend to always have some gum or mints to hand… Nothing worse then finally kissing a person only to find out their breath is killing the mood.

Long may it last.

So many parties and events all over the UK in July and August so we are only just at the start of it. In addition to the big ones there are various other great Pride events such as; Gravesham, Herts, Isle of Wight, Cinderford, Great Yarmouth and many more. For a full list of all the Prides you can visit this page here.

In addition to all the Pride celebrations we have also been enjoying foreign travel again, apart from a few delays here and there. The first full days on a beach with the sun beaming was just magical and I totally forgot how much fun city breaks are.

Try Lisbon if you have the chance. Great weather, excellent social life, fabulous culture and more hot people in one city then I have ever seen. If hot weather is not your thing give Copenhagen a try, a magical city with great openminded people. The weather might not be hot but you will still come back with a warm feeling!

Enjoy the months ahead! Be proud, be you, be careful and be kind!

With love