OPINION: Craig’s Thoughts on love

Craig Hanlon-Smith January 26, 2017

Love is. By Craig Hanlon-Smith @craigscontinuum

Love is excitement. Love is exhaustion. Love is daily. Love by the hour. Love is always. Love is never. Love at your leisure. Love that’s a pleasure. Love is now. Love is then. Love is today. Love is tomorrow. Love is never again. Love is light. Love is dark. Love is air. Love is fire. Love is creation. Love is foundation. Love is destruction. Love is the only heaven that is real. Love is hell. For this love, time will tell. Love irresistible. Love untouchable. Love is the longing. Love is the needing. Love the never quite achieving. Love a warrior princess. Love a cowering child. Love is lost. Love is life. Love is death. Love is everything in between. Love is smart. Love is sick. Love is holding. Love is touching. Love is desperate isolation. Love is accepting. Love is believing. Love is overachieving. Love is incandescent indignation. Love is real. Love is not. Love is fiction. Love is hot and will burn. Love is straight. Love will turn. Love that chimes. Love that rhymes. Love is wealth. Love has nothing, on you. 

Love is fear. Love is pain. Love is give. Love is gain. Love is tit. Love is tat. Love is this, love is that, love is getting fat and happy. Love is feast. Love is famine. Love emaciates and starves. Love that cuts and then scars. Love is asleep. Love is awake. Love is speed and love is the break of my heart. Love is calm. Love is riot. Love is enraged. Love is tired. Love is the truth. Love is a lie. Love is life. Love will die. Love is you. Love is me. Love is him. And him. And him. And she. Love that starts. Love that stops. Love that climbs. Love that falls. Love for you. Love is for all. Love that fights. Love that bites. Love for a friend. Love for a foe. Love for good. Love for bad. Love is what we’ve always had, to share, to spare. Love for young. Love for old. Love is frightened. Love is bold. Love that strokes. Love that aches. Love that gives. Love that takes.

Love you win. Love you lose. Love that lands. Love you choose. Love can calm and will bruise. Love that lusts. Love that stares. Love that trusts. Love that cares. Love is a stranger. Love is companion. Love is the messiah. Love a pariah. Love attacks. Love embraces. Love is lazy. Love is busy. Love imprisons, makes you dizzy. Love stands still. Love is walking. Love is running. Love that races. Love for a time. Love that chases. Love that lifts. Love that soars. Love that is lavish. Love that bores. Love that’s cheap. Love that costs. Love that cheats. Love that hides. Love that seems forever lost but then finds its way home.

“Love is the truth. Love is a lie. Love is life. Love will die. Love is you. Love is me. Love is him. And him. And him. And she”

Love is hoping. Love is hating to be alone. Love is waiting, in the dark, the heat, the rain, the every-time for you. Love is never having to wait again, until the next time. Love that lives, love forgets, love forgives and that yet still smarts. Love is patient. Love’s unkind. Love sees all, yet is blind. Love that wraps. Love that seals. Love that breathes and yet steals my air.  

Love is fun. Love is thinking. Love recognises that sinking feeling of escape approaching. Love is laughing when I should be crying. Love is crying when I should be laughing. Love will cry, and will try. Love is leaving and not looking back. Love is again when you think you never should. Love is again when you thought you never would. Love surprises when not looking. Love then leaves when not working. Love is fighting. Love is you lighting up the room, the street, the world. Love that listens. Love that doesn’t. Love that sings. Love that dances. Love that’s loyal. Love that chances upon another. Love that behaves, and restrains. Love of longing, wishing looks. Love of summer sweaty f***s. Love that worships. Love that reigns over me. 

Love on the run. Love that is hunted. Love unrequited. Love is lonely and not wanted. 

Love is not being able to look at you because my brain, my chest, my head hurts. Love is watching you sleep. Love is not sleeping when I know you’re not sleeping. Love is unexplained anxiety. Love is strength when I know you’re anxious. Love is the gravitas of our days, weeks, years together. Love is the minutes when the nights draw in. Love is the summer in the winter. Love is the thawing of the ice. Love is the fresh fall of snow, the first hint of day. Love will shake, love will shock, love is sand, love is rock. Love will calm and caress. Love will cover and undress. Love that is straight. Love that creases. Love that locks and releases whether you want it to or not. Love that roams. Love that strays. Love that plays. Love that stays. 

Love is present. Love is past. Love is the half-light and forever casts a shadow on my soul. Love uplifts. Love is flight. Love holds my hand on infrequent nights apart. Love enduring. Love that’s fleeting. Love that is carnal. Love a meeting of our minds.  

The love that dare not speak its name talks freely. Love is you. Love is me. Love is ours. Love is we. Love for all. Love is free. For now.