INTERVIEW: David Kettle speaks about ‘Guilty of Love’, a poignant retelling of Alan Turing’s story, ahead of Edinburgh Fringe debut

Graham Robson July 10, 2023

Guilty of Love makes its Edinburgh Fringe debut this August at the Hill Street Theatre. Jane Bramwell and Michael Brand have created a musical exploration surrounding the passion and betrayal of Alan Turing, delving into the life of the mathematical genius.

The cast includes: Jamie Sheasby (Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain part 5 – West End) as Alan Turing, newcomer Andrew Hornyak as Christopher Morcom, Caitlin Downie (Opera a la Carte) as Joan Clarke and completing the cast; Alasdair Baker (Night of the Iguana – West End), Helene Holman (Sleeping Beauty – Tour), Rhys Anderson (Romeo and Juliet – Cumbernauld Theatre)Joanna Harte (“A True Mismatch” – Amazon Prime) and Steven Wren (Little Shop of Horrors – Perth Theatre).

Director of Guilty of Love, David Kettle, shares with us the reason why this retelling of Alan Turing’s story is so poignant and important for the LGBTQ+ community in reflecting and looking forward to the future.

Guilty of Love promo

What first attracted you to this production and the story? 

Firstly, the personal story behind the genius. When I originally read the script, Turing was still fairly unknown in the public eye. I was shocked how a person who had done so much for his country, could be abandoned and treated so cruelly. I was also very attracted to the beautiful script and score created by Jane (Bramwell) and Michael (Brand).

How have you seen things change in society in regards to the way the LGBTQ+ community is treated? Do you think a show like Guilty of Love remains poignant in today’s society and reminds audiences how far things have come and yet what a way there still is to go? 

To know how far we have gone in the UK it is vital and relevant that stories such as these are told. And also, to remind younger people of the sacrifices that were made by generations past. We also need to recognise that in many parts of the world there has been no progress for LGBTQ+ community and must push to have the voices heard of people who are less fortunate than the UK community. In relation to Guilty of Love being relevant… well it’s a love story in essence.. and love is the enduring feeling that binds us all together.

Alan Turing

Have you been involved in the Edinburgh Fringe before?

I was last at the festival in 2003 performing in a show called A Friend of Dorothy. We shared our stage with the wonderful Tracie Bennett who was also debuting a Judy Garland inspired production.. Last Song of  the Nightingale.. which became the smash west end and Boadway hot ‘Beyond the Rainbow.’

What do you hope audiences will take away from seeing Guilty of Love

That there was more to the man than his mathematical skills and with a deep sense of care for him and those like him.

Why should people come and see the show? 

To be moved by an incredible story of love, genius and betrayal.

Guilty of Love shows at Venue 41, Hill Street Theatre as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 4 – 27 August 2023 at 2.10pm. 

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