Gay adult store esmale shares its top five adult travel must haves!

May 23, 2022

The summer is upon us, and we are ready for it. The last year, in fact two years have been rather disappointing when it comes to travelling and we all know why that is. Amazingly we can now jump on a plane again and enjoy a city break or a beach holiday without restrictions and the extra cost of all the tests.

After all the lockdowns and other restrictions, we are ready to be free again and with this comes some holiday action. Feel the sun on our skin and flirt with a handsome person and enjoy a holiday fling. Or how about some outdoors late-night romantic meals with your partner when you just know what is going to happen when you get back to you accommodation! To make sure you make the most of these moments we have some tips of great adult travel toys to take with you. These come in collaboration with, the online gay adult store!

Travel size lube

No one can be doing with these big bottles of gay lube and many have push down tops that might leak and make a mess of your luggage. Get yourself some smaller travel lubes in a flip cap.

They come in various small sizes and most of them fit nicely in your pocket so you can be ready for action at any time. On our store you will find some great travel lube from ID-LUBE.

Bring some kink with you

There is no way you can bring your whole dungeon with you if you even have one! But there are some easy solutions to this if you want to bring some kink with you one your holiday. At esmale there are some great products like the travel sling, under the bed restraints kit and an over the door cuff set.

These are all perfectly designed to take with you on holiday so you can fulfil your fun the way you like it! A popular brand for these products on our store is Berlin XXX Hardcore, they have some excellent BDSM gear.

Travel size solo fun

Not all holidays will give you the opportunity to hook up. For those times we would suggest you bring a Fleshjack Flight or one of the more portable masturbators from Oxballs. These masturbators are specifically designed to take on your travels, just like the quick shot vantage also from Fleshjack. It is easier to pack and visually nobody would know (unless they have one) it is a masturbator. All the wanking toys will give you some intense fun and provide you with an amazing climax at the end of a lovely day, or at the start of new one!

Keeping it clean

Before going out and enjoying yourself you might want to make sure all is nice and clean down there, if you know what I mean. There are some great douches that do not look like a douche or can be separated for easy packing. These are small and compact making them perfect for travel.

Have an essentials bag

You never know what will happen when you are away or what is for sale in the place you go to. We would always recommend you bring a little essentials bag for your lubes, pills, liquid gold poppers, penis rings and other small items you know or hope you will need. To avoid embarrassment, we would recommend you put this in your check in bag and not hand luggage.

With these travel items you are adult fun travel proof. Of course, many destinations will have shops where you can by these products, but we have found that, especially in popular gay destinations, you might pay a premium for many products so why not buy them online at Esmale, so you are prepared. Now is the perfect time for it as there is a big sale on and almost everything is discounted. A great time to get all you need for your travels or just because you want to treat yourself to some pleasure tools, gay underwear or fetish gear.

Enjoy your travels in 2022!

With love.

Team esmale