Umbrella Health Birmingham – monkeypox information

Catherine Muxworthy July 29, 2022

Monkeypox is a viral infection which can infect anyone, and is passed on from person to person through close physical contact with monkeypox blisters or scabs, touching clothing, bedding or towels used by someone with monkeypox, or from coughs and sneezes from infected people if they are in close proximity. While the risk of catching it is low, there has recently been an increase in cases in the UK.

A statement from Umbrella Health – a sexual health service that covers Birmingham and Solihull – says: “If you’re concerned about monkeypox and believe you may have symptoms, or if you’ve come into contact with someone with monkeypox, please do not attend any of our clinics without contacting us first. Please call us on 0121 237 5700 to speak to a member of medical staff before attending one of our clinics.”

Umbrella Health is now able to vaccinate people who are at high risk of contracting monkeypox. However, due to very limited stocks of the vaccine, these will be offered “through routine services based on the risk level of the person, in the same way we offer other vaccines such as hepatitis A and HPV.”

The sexual health service added that if they were given access to a larger supply of the vaccine in the future, they will look to expand the availability to more people.

For more info about the symptoms, treatment, and how to avoid getting it and passing it on, CLICK HERE