Birmingham’s Trans Tearoom to open Wednesday, May 10

Catherine Muxworthy April 23, 2023

The Trans Tearoom has revealed on National Tea Day that their official opening date is set for Wednesday, May 10 with their first opening hours that will run from 1 – 4pm. The tearoom will then be open for trans people in Birmingham every Wednesday thereafter; additional days and evening sessions to be announced soon.

In their announcement, the Trans Teamroom also revealed the city centre location of the tearoom; a shop unit which forms part of the Carrs Lane Church Complex. Although the Trans Tea Room is not affiliated with the church, they explain that Carrs Lane is not only an LGBTQ+ affirming church but they have given support to the tearoom. Detailed videos showing how to find them are available on their website.

Birmingham’s Trans Tearoom will include a pay as you feel café and a clothes swap area, as well as changing rooms available for people to change into gender affirming clothing if it’s not safe to leave home in their preferred gendered clothes. These changing rooms are fully accessible and well lit.

In a post on Instagram, the Trans Tearoom said: “We look forward to welcoming you and making this the best possible trans+ space.

“We know it’s going to be the people who attend who make the space extra special.”