Birmingham drag performers end relationship with venue over transphobic event

Catherine Muxworthy May 5, 2023

Birmingham drag performers, Dahliah Rivers and Pork Elizabeth Pie, have ended their relationship with the venue The Actress & Bishop where they have been holding the event Dirty Bingo. The decision to end this ongoing event is due to the venue deciding to continue with the booking of a transphobic individual. The individual in question is NOHUN who, over the past few months, has targeted members of the trans community with online hate, in particular, Logan Brown, who has been sharing his journey as a pregnant trans man.

In a statement online, Pork Elizabeth Pie gave an update on the future of Dirty Bingo: “Due to recent events regarding transphobic attacks upon one of our members of the community and the venue deciding [to] continue with a booking from the individual, who has continued to spout hatred towards our trans siblings.

“Dahliah and I have decided to no longer continue our monthly Dirty Bingo at The Actress & Bishop, in Birmingham. To continue would not be right when the owners have decided to still host and profit from hosting this individual’s event.

“Together, the booker, Dahliah, Yshee Black, the staff at the venue and myself have worked hard over the three plus years with Dirty Bingo and created a space for our LGBTQ+ customers to come and feel safe at a venue outside of Birmingham’s queer/gay scene and are proud of the local success.

“We are heartbroken that we have to say goodbye and hope that this event can return at a different venue in the future but we cannot stand by and be associated with the venue and their booking of someone who does not share our views.

“We ask that no hate be sent towards the venue staff or the booker of our event as they have just as much love for Dirty Bingo as we do. We hope to see you again at an event soon. Stay Dirty! Pork Elizabeth Pie, Dahliah Rivers and the team at Dirty Bingo.”