The old spells are the best

Kat Pope May 28, 2013

Book of SpellsA story of love in middle age told by two older Canadian lesbians comes to the Marlborough stage on the June 9.

Book of Spells: A Love Story is a unique storytelling performance that explores what happens when two women cast caution to the wind and begin sharing a life together.

Performed by Jan Andrews and Jennifer Cayley from 2WP (Two Women Productions), this promises to be a raw and honest tale of moving in together with rather a lot more
emotional baggage than is wanted or needed.

Based on two magic realism tales by British writer Sara Maitland, Cayley says that “while this seems to be a piece that resonates with anyone who has struggled to live in a long term relationship, it has been particularly appreciated both by older lesbians who don’t see themselves represented on stage very often, and by younger lesbians who are glad to know they have elders who have struggled to make it work but who still delight in being in love.”

Event: Book of Spells

When: Sunday, June 9

Where: Marlborough Theatre

Time: 7.30pm

Ticket: £8.50/£6/50

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