Rose Collis in ‘Trouser-wearing characters’: Emporium

Besi Besemar July 4, 2013

Rose Collis

Trouser-wearing characters, written and performed by Rose Collis, is a unique mixture of music, history and comedy — an irresistible blend of stories, vignettes and songs (evergreens and originals) about some of her favourite, eclectic ‘trouser-wearing characters’, from 50s media star Nancy Spain to masquerader ‘Colonel’ Victor Barker, cabaret legend Douglas Byng to the ‘f**king lady’ herself, actress Coral Browne.

Since making its world premiere at the Brighton Fringe 2012, the show has appeared at festivals and venues throughout the UK, including Hot August Fringe @ The RVT (London); Manchester Pride; Wigtown Book Festival (Scotland); Littlehampton Arts Festival; Colliers Wood Arts Festival and Mosaic Cat (Margate).

Earlier this year, Trouser-Wearing Characters had a hugely successful five-week tour of New Zealand and Australia, appearing at Auckland Fringe, NZWellington Fringe, Sydney Mardi Gras and Adelaide Fringe — the second biggest arts festival in the world.

Now, in a slightly refreshed version, Rose Collis brings the show back home for two special appearances for Brighton Pride 2013 Arts & Film Festival:

Event: Trouser wearing characters

Where: Emporium Theatre, 88 London Road, Brighton

When: Friday, July 26 and Saturday July 27

Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £12

To book tickets, EMAIL: