PREVIEW: Ssshh! Something Trashy’s Happening in The Library

November 27, 2017

Transgender issues are noisily hitting the headlines left, right and centre at the moment, reflected by Something Underground theatre company re-launching their play      Large Print Trash, and bringing it to the heart of Brighton & Hove.

Jonathan Brown’s play was nominated for a Best Male performer Award in 2007’s  Brighton Fringe, and since then they’ve been racking up the awards.

Jonathan says: “I wrote the play in the wake of becoming a father. I say wake, as it was certainly a bow wave moving through my life, and I fell off the surf board and almost drowned many times.”

The play deals with not only transgender issues, but also fatherhood, and custody issues, has since been included in The Fatherhood Institute Website training resources, and Jonathan now writes regularly for MFFonline, what the BBC describes as the dad’s version of Mumsnet.

He continues: “Large Print Trash follows librarian Jenny, her battle with her identity as a woman and as a father, in the light of prejudice and a mother who wants to deny her access to her child.

“Jenny turns to her ability to take on any personality she chooses to engineer an innocent encounter with her son, to tell him what lies in her heart.

“The ingenious plan that requires even more wit than even she had expected to employ, enables a veritable host of new and surprising relationships to open up for her. Not least… with herself.

Event: Large Print Trash

Where: DukeBox Theatre, Iron Duke Pub, 3 Waterloo Street, Hove

When: December 8

Time: 8pm

Cost: £10.£8

To book tickets online, click here: