PREVIEW: Spotlight on LGBTQ+ shows at Edinburgh Fringe

Brian Butler June 25, 2024

There’s a host of LGBTQ+ shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and here are a few that caught my eye.

Did You mean To Fall Like That is a one-man show in which James McGregor becomes Charlie, who is on a journey of healing while rejecting the pressures from society and embracing sexual fluidity. It runs 31 July – 26 August at Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker 3).

Pillock has ADHD and is trying to keep his head above water, but is drowning in loneliness, hook-up culture and medical role plays. Then he meets Eugene – will he be Mr Right or Mr Right Now? Pillock plays at Assembly George Square 1-26 August.

All The Fraudulent Horse Girls is a feral equine fantasy that follows 11-year-old Audrey, who is telephathically linked to all other horse girls in the world. It’s billed as an absurd queer colt-comedy- melodrama – yes colt not cult – get it? Pleasance Dome 31 July-26 August.

Seconds To Midnight is a play that explores queer friendship, platonic love and nuclear anxiety. It follows Jo and Eddie through the first 7 minutes of their friendship and the last 7 hours of the world. It’s a rare exposition of the relationship between a queer man and a queer woman where no possibility of sexual attraction exists. It’s at Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker 1) from 31 July t0 26 August.

Juniper and Jules : Jules has discovered she likes girls – whereas Juniper has always known. This sex-positive show explores falling in love, polyamory, female sexuality and queer love. How can you balance comfort with passion? Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker 2), from 31 July to 26 August.

Me For You is a play about the utter selfishness of true love. It’s about a gay couple who join Extinction Rebellion to save the planet, but are they doing good for personal gain? Pleasance Courtyard The Green, 1-25 August.

Things Between Heaven And Earth is a psychological thriller that shows the aftermath of a widow discovering her husband’s affair and murder through a book written by their close friend. The play delves into the persistent taboo surrounding gay relationships prevalent not only in the 64 countries that still criminalise them but also within immigrant communities locally. Underbelly Bistro Square 8-26 August.

And finally, Reject Me Already takes 6 actors, 6 roles and one story and lets the audience decide what happens in this love story which has endless possibilities of pairings across gender and sexuality. Greenside, Lime Studio, 2-24 August.

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