PREVIEW: Edit Profile

Besi Besemar May 28, 2015

Edit Profile is an explicit and raunchy exploration of the escapades of a single hard and horny gay man as he navigates the world of dating apps, chemsex and group play.

Edit Profile

WITH all this non stop pleasure at his fingertips what could possibly go wrong?

What are you into? Into Chemsex? BB? Groups?  Wherever, whenever, tap the app and you’re just a few meters and a few words away from a world of hot guys waiting for you.

Needs must when the devil drives, and it’s you in the driving seat.

Very Awkward Company formed in February 2015 with an idea to explore the seductive world of dating app based, drug fuelled sex parties. ‘Edit Profile’ is an impartial depiction of a HIV+ gay man’s decent into the heady 24/7 world of dating apps and chemsex.

This is a timely piece of work into the dark underside of gay sex and pleasure.

Where are the lines drawn, and where do the limits end?

Written and produced by Dexter Bailey, directed and produced by Kate Collier-Woods.

Physical Theatre choreographer: Michelle Lediert.

Cast includes Daniel Trambeth, Dexter Bailey, Seb Frost, Phil Hemming, Terry Conway and featuring Alfie Ordinary and Lydia L’scabies.

There will be a Q&A with Terrence Higgins Trust after the show on Friday, July 3.

Event: Edit Profile. Contains explicit sex, drugs and strong language

Where: The Marlborough Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1RD

When: Thursday July 2 – Saturday July 4

Time: 8pm

Price: £10 (£8.50 concs.)

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