PREVIEW: ‘Collector of tears’ by Sean Burn

Besi Besemar September 18, 2014

Collector of tears is a passionate and powerful new play from theatre company gobscure.

Collector of tears

The national tour of Sean Burn’s latest play comes to the Marlborough in November.

It will be directed by acclaimed director Jackie Fielding, with Madeleine MacMahon playing Tanya Sealt, accompanied by original music composed and performed live by Ken Patterson.

Set designer Alison Ashton has teamed up with Effie Burns who has created the collection of glass tear-bottles for Tanya’s story and lighting is by James Henshaw.

Collector of tears is a poetic and epic love story spanning over four hundred years, told by Tanya Sealt, a young woman who cannot age until she has cried. Instead Sunderland-born Tanya collects tears from the people she encounters during moments of radical English history, passionately learning to fight for human rights and understanding her own sexuality forged in relationships with men and women across time.

Wherever she goes she carries with her an amazing collection of glass tear-bottles, through which she reveals each unique and moving story of the tears’ owners. Ultimately this hauntingly lyrical play is about humanity, human rights and the universality of love and specifically reaches out to LGBT communities.

Collector of tears received a Peggy Ramsay Foundation Grant in 2012. An earlier version of the play was given development time and performances at The Queens Hall Arts Centre, Hexham in 2009.

Director Jackie Fielding, said: “Sean burn has written a moving recollection of history brought alive in a truly original way. We are looking forward to having a wonderful time uncovering the magic of this epic piece, and then sharing it with our audiences.”

Playwright Sean Burn, added: “I am really proud to have such a strong team working on collector of tears. This play explores themes close to my heart – including radical politics and bisexuality. Touring this play nationally demonstrates the quality of my writing, especially as this script also received my second Peggy Ramsay Foundation Grant.”

Event: Collector of tears

Where: Marlborough Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton, BN2 1RD

When: Wedneday, November 5

Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £9/£10.11 with service fee: Concession: £7/£8.04

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