Jack Lynn takes to the New Venture stage

September 16, 2019

Jack Lynn, who sings with the Actually Gay Men’s Chorus and is also one of our photographers here at Gscene, will shortly be appearing in the title role of Gabriel by Moira Buffini at the New Venture Theatre.

JACK is relishing this new string to his bow: “I am enjoying this challenge and the opportunity to work with such a talented group of actors and crew. It is a gripping tale that deftly explores themes of loneliness and belonging, memory and imagination, and the lies people tell themselves to escape the darkness.”

The action takes place in Guernsey in 1943, during an almost forgotten period of our history – the German occupation of The Channel Islands. A young man (Gabriel), naked and barely alive, is washed up on a beach. Believing him to be an RAF pilot he is taken by the women of the Becquet family into their home and hidden… a dangerous and illicit action. As he recovers consciousness it is apparent that he is fluent in both English and German but with no recollection of who he is, who might this mysterious outsider be… and on which side?

The bonds between the women in the Becquet household are complicated – not always easy and set within a community in crisis (the Occupation). The arrival of the young man stirs up all sorts of feelings. The presence of a newly arrived German officer on the Island and the emerging relationship between him and one of the women complicates matters further.

“A fascinating play by a highly original and inventive playwright” wrote an American reviewer of a U.S. production.

The action builds to a tense and dramatic climax.

Gabriel is directed by Gerry McCrudden.

Event: Gabriel by Moira Buffini

Where: New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place, Brighton

When: October 4-12

Time: 7.45pm – Sunday October 6, 2.30pm

Cost: £10

To book tickets online, click here:

Or telephone: 01273 746 118