Fringe REVIEW: DIY Chef @The Warren

May 29, 2018

George Egg

DIY Chef at The Warren

Saturday, May 27

GEORGE Egg has a possibly unique and certainly very unusual mix of stand up and cookery which he performers and cleverly creates in front of us using a large assortment of DIY tools. He does exactly what it says on the tin and in an engaging and utterly daft way.

He is very laid back and blokey but still accessible and made some very funny and topical comments and jokes about Brighton, it’s nice when someone makes the effort to learn a little about the city they are gigging in, rather than just dropping in a generic ‘City name’ joke number 5.  He’s got rather a devastating shady eye roll on him and I was convinced he’s been practicing arching his eyebrow raising just for us gays….

Egg whips it up into a froth of unexpected delights, some of the things he used, and the ways in which they are used belies a surreal and adaptable imagination and he’d certainly be on my list of people to share the Isle of Man with in a zombie apocalypse as much for his sheer entertaining company as much as his ability to knock up a meal using just about anything.

The set feels more like his shed than like a set and his sassy but educational dialogue alongside the culinary process was quite mesmerising as he effortlessly put together three meals during the hour we watched him.

His novelty combined with his effortless charm and seriously oddball inventiveness makes this show on the delights of the weekend. Egg turns out a spectacular, funny, intriguing comedy/cooking/lecture/stand-up show and it’s tasty and there are not many folks who can do that hat trick on the circuit. A comedy show with real food, cooked live, using power tools. And the audience get to eat it at the end, and – for once – a gent who delivers on his promotional promises!

Highly recommend.

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