Brian Butler previews Love is Only Love by actor/playwright Sam Harrison

December 28, 2019

Brian Butler previews Love is Only Love Рan autobiographical journey through gay teenage years by actor/playwright Sam Harrison playing at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre in the first week of February.

Sam Harrison’s early years were spent in Australia where his father took him to ballet classes and introduced him to the golden age Hollywood musicals of the 30’s , 40’s and 50’s.

His love of musical theatre , and his desire to tell a story of gay love with a happy ending, led him to pen a play with songs that is a love letter to his first boyfriend Marc.

Interlaced with the songs of Hart,Porter and Herman, which Sam has re- appropriated from the women who made them famous, the drama is an uplifting alternative to the received wisdom that gay relationships are either doomed, fatal or loveless. The big challenge for Sam is to play himself with truth and honesty, and not just as another character in a true story.

Given its first airings at the Other Palace Theatre in London as part of the 50th decriminalisation celebrations , it has also featured in the capital’s Pride events.

A tour is planned in 2020 but you can see it first at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre for 3 performances on 4 and 5 February for more info or to book tickets  see the theatre website here