‘Boy in a dress’: Marlborough Theatre

Besi Besemar February 13, 2013

WEB.600Boy in a Dress, the life story thus far of La JohnJoseph, a Scouse, third-gendered, fallen Catholic, ex-fashion model from the wrong side of the tracks, will be playing at the Marlborough Theatre on March 8 at 7.30pm.

Written and performed by La JohnJoseph, and directed by Sarah Chew, the show features exhilarating collage of vaudeville, song, proselytising, striptease and postmodern philosophy, exploring intersections between sexuality and faith, class and enfranchisement, gender ambiguity and feminism, in a frank and almost charming tale told from a somewhat unique cultural perspective.

Boy in a Dress brings together an outrageous but heartfelt slew of true-life tales studded with original versions of iconic songs from wide ranging artists such as Leonard Cohen, Justin Vivian Bond and Guns n Roses.

Tickets: £8.50/£6.50

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