Award-winning play online for #lockdowntheatre

May 26, 2020

All I See Is You, the award-winning play by Brighton-based TV, radio and theatre writer Kathrine Smith, has been put online for your viewing pleasure.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the play, which is a love story between two men in Bolton in 1967, is no longer touring and so Kathrine has made the recording accessible for all and has been promoting it on social media using the hashtags #lockdowntheatre and #theatreforeveryone.

All I See Is You was originally performed at last year’s Brighton Fringe before touring nationally and to the International Gay Theatre Festival in Dublin, where the actors won awards for outstanding performances and Kathrine won the Oscar Wilde Prize for Best New Writing. The production also won the Brighton Fringe International Touring Bursary, which took it to Sydney and Melbourne Fringe Festivals in September.

Kathrine wrote All I See Is You for Bolton’s Octagon Theatre 50th Anniversary Prize (it won), and one of the reasons for the characters being male was that it was also the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality, which of course affected men much more than women. She says all her ideas are based on real events and she’d been reading accounts of queer life in the 1960s when she saw the Octagon Prize advertised.

Kathrine says: ‘Now the play is no longer touring, and this year’s Fringe has been delayed, we just thought it would be good to make the recording accessible to all. The recorded show is the one that won last year’s Brighton Fringe Pebble Trust International Touring Bursary which took us to Sydney and Melbourne Fringe festivals.’

You can see the whole plays here, via Youtube.