Addressing the concerns of older LGBT people through drama

Besi Besemar August 8, 2014

MadEd Theatre is looking to develop a play for performance at The Brighton Festival in 2015/2016, that addresses the concerns of the older LGBT community.

Craig Hanlon Smith project

The theatre performance is intended to fit the genre of ‘Verbatim Theatre’ which takes the words of real life stories and situations and then fits them around a dramatic frame for performance.

Stories are not changed or enhanced, but a range of material edited together across the same theme.

The working title of the project is currently My Old Man and they are looking for any contributions from a range of backgrounds across all genders and identities including some from the 40 – 60 age bracket, but in the main the over 60s.

The producers are happy to come and talk to a group of interested potential participants, or meet with contributors one to one. They cannot, of course, guarantee that if you tell them your story they will use it, but they promise to treat the stories you share respectfully and not pass these on to any parties outside the creative partnership of MadEd Theatre.

Craig Hanlon-Smith
Craig Hanlon-Smith

Craig Hanlon-Smith (the main writer behind the project) has worked extensively across Fringe Theatre and written, produced and performed work in London, Edinburgh and Brighton. Craig has contributed articles for GScene magazine for more than ten years in Brighton and can be contacted at or