The Future is Back: free online creative writing and mentoring scheme for UK-based LGBTQ+ writers

Graham Robson November 7, 2022

Initiated and led by writer Olumide Popoola, the Future is Back is a free online creative writing and mentoring scheme for UK-based LGBTQ+ writers.

Funded by Arts Council England, with Spread the Word and Central Islington Library as main partners, the scheme is to help writers who wish to take their craft to the next level by providing a safe, supportive and stimulating environment, and giving insight into the professional writing world.

Connecting Practice will focus on growing writing practice and learning from other writers about their approaches, techniques and methods. The 10 workshops are connected and explore the craft of writing. You’ll give feedback to others’ works, and receive feedback on your own writing.

Guest sessions are conversations between established writers, reflecting on their work, how they connect with others, their process and practice, and their unique ways of using writing. It is a chance to gain insights from how other writers and artist work with text.

While you won’t be writing about anti-racism (unless you choose to), the prose writing scheme has a dedicated anti-racist focus. It asks you, as a creative person, to reflect on questions of representation, voice, and anti-racist commitment.

For more info, workshop dates and to get involved, CLICK HERE