REVIEW: Queer Life, Queer Love

January 20, 2022

Queer Life, Queer Love

Editors: Matthew Bates, Golnoosh Nour, Sarah and Kate Beal

A gloriously Queer celebration of the best writing from the margins now brought centre stage, Queer Life, Queer Love explores characters, stories, and experiences beyond the mainstream. Celebrating the fascinating, the forbidden, the subversive, and even the mundane, but in essence, the view from outside. Not looking in, but looking OUT!  Most of this anthology introduces works from emerging writers but also includes unpublished contributions from Isabel Costello, Jonathan Kemp, Katlego Kai Kolanyabe-Kesupile, Fran Lock and Tanaka Mhishi. It’s a superbly intoxicating brew of magnificence.

A result of a global call-out for original submissions, with a brief to push “the boundaries of gender and sexuality, but also the boundaries of literature itself,” this is utterly, shamelessly, wonderful what we get. Queer exuberance unbridled. The book shivers in your hand as it dances its electric possibilities in your mind.  The prose is world class, the arguments a clarion call, although not all of them recent, they chime in our daily lives still.

The authentic narrative of personal experience of transition lift this book into Gospel and the poetry shakes it all back down again with metaphorical and emotional lightning strikes of shocking vigour.  A great book to start the year with and a superb book to have experienced.

Paperback – Out now £9:99

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