REVIEW: Pam Ann at Theatre Royal

Graham Robson November 17, 2015

Pam AnnPam Ann flew into Brighton’s Theatre Royal with her new show, Queen of the Sky, proving that this 46-year-old Aussie, blessed with the vocabulary of a truck driver, has a lot of air miles left in her.

With an arse “as big as a hippo’s yawn” – the old ones are always the best – Pam Ann, the creation of Caroline Reid, is crude, rude, loud, offensive, stunningly vulgar, shocking and remorseless and that’s before she’s even left the tarmac!

Kicking off with a disco stomper, the flamboyant show of two halves veered from the topical (“the elephant in the room” – the recent Paris attacks), to airline repartee (“I don’t give safety instructions anymore as we don’t want a plane full of Debbie Downers!”), arses, cocks, bears and a lot of drugs!

If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to be hijacked and verbally abused by an international airhostess then Queen of the Sky is for you!

Over the course of the show Reid kept things lively and unpredictable with videos of her superimposed into scenes from Downton Abbey and a quick-fire interview in which she struggles to hide her disgust for those who travel in economy class – “they’re not human!”

Whilst the omission of fan favourites, such as Lily from Singapore, was disappointing, Reid knows how to work an audience and understands what her audience wants and occasionally stoops to give it. In between picking off various air crew and the countries they represent (with custom-made dolls – the British Airways charity doll ‘Susan’ a particular highlight) she roams across a range of subjects from terrorism to the nature of hope, keeping the audience laughing all the way.

Adored by cabin crew and frequent flyers around the world, Pam Ann’s ability to rile, offend and charm her audiences has helped her keep flying high!

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