RadioReverb launches crowdfunding campaign for new transmitter

Besi Besemar September 10, 2018

RadioReverb, Brighton and Hove’s not-for-profit radio station, launches online crowdfunding campaign to protect the future of independent local radio in Brighton.

THEY are crowdfunding for £5,500 to purchase a new transmitter. The team also need to update vital equipment necessary for broadcasting their mix of community-focussed speech and music programmes.

RadioReverb say these investment will enable them to grow, and ensure the local Brighton and Hove communities still have a voice following the departure of Juice FM.

Global, Europe’s biggest radio company, purchased Juice FM in January 2018. Juice FM went off-air in August 2018 leaving local people concerned whether the Brighton and Hove communities will continue to be served by the resulting changes in the local radio scene.

A spokesperson for RadioReverb said: “We are determined that the communities of Brighton and Hove will not lose out, and that they will continue to hear local voices represented 24/7 on RadioReverb.

“Our team of home grown-broadcasters have been creating independent, not-for-profit local radio for over ten years – but now need an extra funding boost from our listeners!”

RadioReverb broadcasts an eclectic mix of music and speech programmes with shows presented by, and for, older people, people with learning disabilities, new parents, people with mental health problems, the LGBT+ communities and people living with HIV – who all live locally!

Listener surveys compare RadioReverb to a cross between Radio4 and BBC 6 music, but with a local edge. RadioReverb’s crowdfunding campaign will help to bring these programmes to more people and to include even more local voices on-air.

Tracey Allen
Tracey Allen

RadioReverb director Tracey Allen said: “Local radio is getting smaller, but RadioReverb is getting bigger!

“After over 10 years of making community-focused, not-for-profit radio, RadioReverb now needs your help to buy a new transmitter that will enable us to improve and expand our vital service.

“Enjoy listening to RadioReverb? Then give something back by donating so we can continue broadcasting our unique, socially conscious, local radio programmes and support the local community!”

Supporters of local radio and RadioReverb have until October 7 to donate to the Crowdfunder. A selection of exciting rewards are also on offer in exchange for donations including the opportunity to go behind the scenes on a live programme, and even the chance to co-host a show.

To donate to RadioReverb’s Crowdfunder, click here: