Q&A: Ceri Dupree returns to Brighton for Pride @ The Ironworks

Graham Robson July 11, 2021

Ceri Dupree returns to Brighton next week to perform brand new show A Star is Torn at Ironworks Studios on July 14 & 15.

Sending up almost every female star in the world, audiences can expect to be wowed by impersonations from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Madonna, Margaret Thatcher, Her Majesty The Queen, Jordan and his newest member, Amy Winehouse! Written, produced and performed by Ceri, A Star is Torn marks his return to the stage following the global Covid-19 pandemic and promises to be filled with fun, frolics, laughter and light relief!

You have travelled and performed all over the world – are you excited to return to our fair city of Brighton?
I am excited to be returning to anywhere right now but I have appeared on and off in Brighton for the last 30 odd years and it’s one of my favourite places.

The A Star is Torn show will be ‘christening’ brand new event and community space: Ironworks Studios. What can audiences expect from the experience?
Value for money, half a ton of fabulous costumes, enough sequins to blind a cup final crowd, a good laugh, aircon and a revolving stage.

Ironworks is also home to Brighton & Hove Pride, the UK’s Biggest Pride festival. What does Pride mean to you?
Pride means… They are great fun and we have come so far in this country but I still think we need to keep having them because there are still so many other countries in the world where things should change and hopefully will change – they need to come out of the dark ages and have their own Prides and let everyone live their lives. By us continuing to have more and more Pride festivals, let us hope that one day these countries follow suit.

How does it feel to be back on the stage after a year of lockdowns?
It feels almost alien that I’m starting again. But really the only thing that has changed is my figure… I’m far slimmer haha!

Are there any films or TV series that have kept you entertained over the last year?
Omg, yeah! Where do I start… The Crown, Hollywood, Halsten, Rachet, The Fall and UK Gold.

What are your go-to songs if you want to get up and dance?
I’ll dance to anything if I’ve had enough Champagne but it’s usually anything from the ’80s or ABBADancing Queen (so predictable!).

What’s your favourite cocktail?
Kir Royale.

What was your most memorable show – or memorable audience! – and why?
Athens… To an audience of 3,000. I was very nervous towards the end of the show appearing as Nana Mouskouri just in case I sent her up a bit too much, but they absolutely loved it and it was a fantastic evening.

Are there any future plans you can share with us post- A Star is Torn?
No, not really… Just to say that I really want to get back to work anywhere and everywhere. I’m looking forward to pantomime this year (hopefully) and working in Europe and overseas next year. I’m sure all entertainers have everything crossed.

Ceri Dupree has been delighting audiences worldwide for almost 30 years. His unique talents have led him through musical theatre, pantomime, summer seasons, television and cabaret. There isn’t an audience (age or type!) that he hasn’t played to. His extensive repertoire of theatre shows include Hello Dolly, Rock Hard (’60s Tribute show), Hot Stuff (’70s tribute show – five seasons and two national tours), The Ultimate Hen Party (season and national tour), The Wizard of Oz (as the most glamorous wicked witch!) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (as Frank-n-Furter, of course!).

Tickets can be booked as tables of two or four, in line with current government guidelines. For further details, CLICK HERE.

In keeping with the core aim of Brighton & Hove Pride to support local LGBTQ+ organisations and community groups who do such essential work all year round, every ticket sold will include a charitable donation to the Brighton Rainbow Fund.

For tickets, further details and news on upcoming events, CLICK HERE