Pride Guided Tours at Shakespeare’s Globe to bring to life queer stories and characters from Shakespeare’s life and times

Graham Robson May 18, 2023

Shakespeare’s Globe is to runĀ Pride Guided ToursĀ from May 25 throughout the summer until September 30.

Pride Guided Tours bring to life the queer stories and characters from Shakespeareā€™s life and times. Guides will explain what life would have been like for the queer community during Shakespeareā€™s lifetime, an important era in LGBTQ+ history.

Audiences will be introduced to rebellious icons down in the yard to nobility in the galleries, and even the intimate letters between King James I and his favourite, the Duke of Buckingham. Discover vivid records of diverse sexualities and gender identities in writing of the time, including Shakespeareā€™s own Sonnets and queer relationships in some of his most famous plays.